Our campsite is situated on one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Philippines. We offer accomodations in huge well ventilated tents that are totally screened and are erected under a protective native style roof and porch. Each are appointed with double bed, carpeted floor, couch and easychairs, and lots of extra space, mattresses and bedding for kids or friends. All tents have a fantastic view of the offshore islands and the South China Sea.

We offer sea kayaking, volleyball, badminton, swimming or just relaxing on the beach. All activities are included in our low price. Other optional activities may be available (EG: offshore snorkeling trips) at affordable rates.

Toby a Canadian and his Philippine wife Thelma have resided in the area for 25 years. Toby has been fishing these local waters for many years and he and his son Kelty have landed some very impressive catches. Thelma loves to cook and can turn out a 5 star meal on a campfire. When you leave here you will remember the awesome beauty, the peace and tranquility, and Thelma's fantastic meals.

Closed from July 30 until Sept. 30. Average temperatures are 29C daytime and 23C night time. There is always a cool light breeze and plenty of natural shade. You will appreciate you blanket during night time. There is a small store onsite, and we sell ice cold drinks at reasonable prices.

We are located on the Island of Palawan. Approximately 3 1/2 hours North of Puerto Princesa City. By local transportation or private hire Van. You will travel to the small seaside village of Port Barton from there it is a 25 minute boat ride north to our campsite. There is no road access to our beach, just tell the Port Barton boatman you want to go Thelma and Toby's Beach.

All accomodation, 2019 season rates: 2500 pesos per day. 3 hearty meals and all sports activities are included in the price / per day / per person. Children under 10 are 1/2 price if they are accomodated in the same tent as parents.

Cell for Camp: 011-63-9994863348
Cell for Thelma: 011-63-9989833328
E-mail: palawancamping@gmail.com

Thelma and Toby's Island Camping Adventure

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  • Beach
    Pictures of the actual beach where we are located in this set
  • 198535 1665971974908 1405550751 31384272 715715 N
  • 207966 1665804810729 1405550751 31383911 2775137 N
  • DSC 0007
  • DSC 0047
  • DSC 0139
    looking back at beach from water
  • DSC 0142
  • DSC 0217
  • DSC 0242
    A different sunset every night, just in time for happy hour..
  • DSC 1735
  • DSC 1765
  • DSC 1773
    Evening campfire
  • DSC 1893
    One of our boats
  • DSC 1964
  • DSC 1987
  • DSC 1991
    Looking out from your campsite
  • IMG 2578
  • IMG 4897
    All fish were actually caught by us
  • IMG 6449
  • IMG 6451
  • IMG 6461
  • IMG 6496
  • IMG 9652
  • IMG 9699
  • IMG 9712
    A typical sampling of dinner put on by Thelma and crew
  • IMG 9714
  • IMG 9718
    One of our camp shelters with the previous tent style.
  • IMG 9725
  • IMG 9731
  • IMG 9738
  • IMG 9739
  • IMG 9740
  • P4038690
    Clown fish wait to greet snorklers on the reefs
  • P4068732

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  • GOPR2068
  • GOPR2101
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  •  DSC0110
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  •  DSC0379
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  •  DSC0594


Slideshow: Images 1-34 are the historic images, images from #35 to 54 were added in 2018.

Welcome to our island campsite. We are the only fully equipped campsite in the Philippines. Camping has been our way of life for many years and we really know how to make your stay an adventure you will never forget. You may avail yourself to our varied outdoor activities, or just kickback in a hammock with a good book. Just bring a sense of adventure and we will take care of the rest. There is plenty of fresh water for showers and laundry service is available.

No barking dogs - No roosters - No worries.

(The tents in the above video clip and slideshow have since been upgraded with a newer improved design):